Europe Endurance Cup 

Our aim for the Promotor Europe Endurance Cup (EEC) is to enable all European classic race machines built up to and including December 1991 for the Classics Events and 2001 for the Young Timer Events to race together in a true European Endurance series, and unite fans from around the world in an enthusiastic community with great events which are filled with the amazing atmosphere of classic motorcycle endurance racing 
We are working on a new calendar for 2023 
It has not escaped your notice that motorcycles from years prior to 1984 are less 
numerous on the starting lines of classic motorcycle endurance races, which compromises 
the organization of the Championship. This is the reason why we will migrate this year to a 
new formula in order to revitalize the Championship. 
On the other hand, we have received many requests to "refresh" the lines. This is why we 
have made some adjustments to the technical regulations of previous years. 
The major changes concern the addition of a Young Timer category, the authorization of rain 
tires and the extension of the years of eligibility: 
• CLASSIC: until December 31, 1983 
• MAXI-CLASSIC: until December 31, 1986 
• FORMULA: until December 31, 1990 
• OPEN: until December 31, 1990 
• EVO: until December 31, 2001 
• YOUNG TIMER: until December 31, 2001 
Prepare your machines and go to the First round of the new Championship on May 5, 6 and 
7, 2023 at the SRC 2023. 
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We have big plans 

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If you have any questions, please contact us 
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