Please use the form if you wish to enter all three EELC rounds in France, England and Germany.  
If you wish to enter only one or two rounds, please visit the specific event website(s) directly. 


LEGEND: 31/12/1975 to 31/12/1984 4T air cooled / 2T air or water cooled, up to 1300cc
CLASSIC: 31/12/1968 to 31/12/1981. 2 valves up to 1000cc 4 valve up to 1300cc
SUPERBIKE: 31/12/1975 to 31/12/1986. Oil, water or aircooled, up to 1300cc
SUPERSTOCK: 31/12/1972 to 31/12/1986. Oil, water or aircooled, 4cyl up to 750cc, 2cyl up to 1000cc


MOTORCYCLE / MOTO / MOTORRAD / MOTOCICLETTA All entries must have completed the eligibility form as part of the booking 

Please fill in this section COMPLETELY and as accurately as you can. If parts are standard or original then please state this. If you also have a ‘T” bike please complete a separate form for both bikes. 

ELIGIBILITY PHOTOS We understand that some bikes may still be in build, so these photos can follow later, but must be with the Organisers a minimum of 2 weeks before the event 

RIDER 1 - Compulsory 

RIDER 2 - Compulsory 

RIDER 3 - Only compulsory for teams with 3 riders 

Once you have filled in the details above, please click SUBMIT below 
We will confirm we've received your completed entry form and send the payment details for each round. This must be paid separately to each event organiser.